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Full Stack Web Developer

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⚜ About Me ⚜

I am a highly organized and professional full-stack developer,
with an eye towards UI/UX, accessibility, and design.


I have a unique background that combines health,
education, psychology, and development,
which brings a strong understanding of human behavior
and interaction to every project.


My background and skills merge artistic creativity
with technical execution, in order to bring innovative
and inspired solutions to your team or project.

⚜ Skills ⚜

⚜ Education ⚜

Boston University Education Card: MS of Software Development
Boston University 2018

Master of Science

Software Development

3.57 GPA

Utah State University Education Card: BS of Communication Disorders & Deaf Education
Utah State University 2014

Bachelor of Science

Communication Disorders
Deaf Education

3.94 GPA

University of West Georgia Education Card: BS of Psychology
University of West Georgia 2006

Bachelor of Arts


3.70 GPA

⚜ Portfolio ⚜

User Experience Image


User Research ❁ User Stories ❁ Information Architecture ❁ Usability Testing
❁ Personas ❁ WCAG & Web Accessibility

SEO Image


Crawl Accessibility ❁ Topic Clusters
❁ Google Rankings

Project Development Image

Project Development

Envisioning ❁ Market Research
❁ Requirement Gathering ❁ Analysis
❁ Release Planning

Software Development Image

Software Development

Planning ❁ Analysis ❁ Design
❁ Implementation ❁ Testing & Integration
❁ Maintenance

App Development Image

Android App Development

Hybrid/Native ❁ Customer-centric
❁ Scalable ❁ User Friendly
❁ Business-Oriented

Unified Modeling Language Image


Structural & Behavioral Diagrams ❁ Class
❁ Object ❁ Package ❁ Activity ❁ Use Case
❁ State Machine ❁ Sequence

Open to remote job opportunities

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